Residential Appraising: New Things to Think About

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Course Information:

Residential Appraising: New Things to Think About

NRPAB approval #: 2161405.04.  7 Hours continuing education.   100% attendance is required.  

This seminar is designed to explore some contemporary residential appraising issues as well as some of the more difficult and controversial issues in residential mortgage lending appraisals.  Topics that will be covered include:

•• Situations where an appraiser may need a different skill set to develop a credible analysis.
•• Appraisal problems that require an appraiser to get help or pursue further study.
•• Situations where the highest and best use is to remove the residence and redevelop the real estate.
•• The need to identify the most likely buyer for the subject and what data will give evidence of that buyer’s motivations.
•• Methods to extract and support adjustments or adjustment rates in residential quantitative analyses.
•• The need for market analysis in residential appraisals and the impact on credibility of a well prepared analysis and report.
•• Development of a market analysis in residential appraisals including sources of data, reliability of data, and statistical tools available in the market to support a market conditions conclusion.
•• The need for some appraisal reports to stipulate the strengths and weaknesses and to give the client an idea of the credibility of the results.

Some practitioners don’t have the knowledge or training to recognize situations where they are not up to speed.  It is not usually a case of knowing and ignoring correct procedures but rather of not knowing what they don’t know.  In some situations ignorance is bliss, but in most cases ignorance leads to bigger problems, such as lawsuits. With the increasing demands of the appraisal review, it is extremely important to have the tools to illustrate and support adjustments and conclusions.

NRPAB approval #: 2161405.04. This course is approved by the Nebraska Real Property Appraiser Board for 7 hours of continuing education.

Appraisers in other states may be eligible to receive continuing education credit and they should check with their state appraiser board.

The NRPAB approval of this course is honored by the Nebr. Real Estate Commission for continuing education for sales persons and brokers.

The NRPAB approval of the course is honored by the Nebr. Dept of Revenue for continuing education for assessor re-certification.

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