Understanding and Using Comparable Transactions

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Course Information:

Understanding and Using Comparable Transactions

NRPAB approval #2151402.04. 7 Hours continuing education.   100% attendance is required.

The analysis of real estate transactions is a critical component in the valuation of real property. Appraisal methodology and techniques are based on the comparison of data. Market analysis, highest and best use analysis, and the three approaches to value—the sales comparison approach, the cost approach, and the income approach—are developed based on the comparison of data. The proper recognition and identification of what
is a comparable, why it has been selected as a comparable, and how the comparable is used is critical to the appraisal process.

Appraisers use comparable property information everyday. Often they are used without appraisers consciously thinking of the reasons behind their selection and use.

Improving an appraiser’s ability to effectively analyze and select relevant comparable properties will result in better supported, more believable and persuasive appraisals and appraisal reviews. Additionally, an enhanced understanding of the process of selecting and analyzing properties that possess characteristics that may be  useful for comparative purposes enables an appraiser to more clearly explain and support the analysis in an
appraisal report. Lastly, users of appraisal services will be able to better assess the credibility of an appraiser’s opinions.

This seminar is designed to enhance the understanding and use of comparable properties. It does not address the use of comparables in every valuation situation that may exist. Many situations are beyond the scope of  this presentation. If time permits the instructor will try to answer questions about specific methodology and techniques. If questions are not able to be answered, students are encouraged to pursue an appropriate course covering that aspect of valuation.

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The course is approved by the Nebraska Real Property Appraiser Board (NRPAB) 
for seven (7) hours of continuing education.  NRPAB approval#: 2181416.04. 
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