— Important information when USPAP book is required for CE course —

When USPAP books are REQUIRED for a Continuing Education course: EACH attendee is responsible for bringing their own current edition of the USPAP book to class.  The provider will NOT furnish the required USPAP book.  USPAP books CANNOT be shared, as per The Appraisal Foundation.

ACCEPTABLE versions of USPAP book:  Original spiral bound book;  Electronic version downloaded to a personal laptop computer – electronic copies must be available for the entire duration of the class;  Electronic eBook version downloaded to an ipad, eReader, etc. – electronic copies must be available for the entire class;   Reproduction of (the complete) USPAP book from a Sponsoring Organization of The Appraisal Foundation that has received permission to distribute copies to its members (the title page should indicate this copy was reproduced with permission from the Foundation);  The attendee may bring, in a printed format, a complete copy of an electronic PDF version of USPAP that the student has otherwise lawfully acquired.

UNACCEPTABLE versions of USPAP book:  An illegally reproduced copy;   A partial copy;  Logging on to an online viewable version of USPAP book.

NEBRASKA appraisers are allowed one FREE download of the electronic version of the current USPAP book from the Nebraska Real Property Appraiser Board website:  www.appraiser.ne.gov.  Electronic copies must be available for the entire  class.

Purchasing a USPAP book:  An original spiral-bound USPAP book, or an *electronic version of the USPAP book, may be purchased from The Appraisal Foundation.  Order online at www.appraisalfoundation.org – or – call 800-348-2831. 

If you need to order the USPAP book, please allow adequate time to receive the book before the class.

Feedback from one of our students:

Classes are always top notch and very informative – fun. Thanks so much!

Great instructor! Does a very good job of presenting material and keeping the group focused and involved.