2022-2023 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course

2022-2023  7-Hour National Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) Update Course

Course Description

This is the 7-Hour National USPAP Update Course, which The Appraisal Foundation develops and revises on a periodic basis to stay current. The course focuses on how to use the USPAP publication to help solve appraisal issues that affect daily appraisal practice.
In addition to the Student Manual, each student must have a copy of the most current (2020-2021) USPAP publication to use in the course. The publication includes USPAP, Advisory Opinions, Frequently Asked Questions, and an index.  Furthermore, the required course materials include the USPAP Reference Manual for each student to use in the course and to keep as a permanent reference.
1. Ensure that participants understand the principles and requirements of USPAP.
2. Ensure participants understand USPAP in the context of current and common issues.
3. Ensure participants know how to use the USPAP publication to solve day-to-day appraisal practice problems.

NRPAB approval#: 2221101.04

Tuition: $229.00

Each attendee will be provided with both the 2022-2023 7-Hour Student Manual and with the new, required USPAP Reference Manual.

2020 – 2021 USPAP  book is also REQUIRED for this course. EACH attendee is responsible for bringing their own current USPAP book to class.  The provider will NOT furnish the required USPAP book.  USPAP books CANNOT be shared, as per The Appraisal Foundation.

NEBRASKA appraisers are allowed one FREE download of the electronic version of the 2020-2021  USPAP book from the Nebraska Real Property Appraiser Board website:  www.appraiser.ne.gov.  This PDF version of USPAP may be secured and therefore not printable.

ACCEPTABLE versions of USPAP book:  Original spiral bound book;  Electronic version downloaded to a laptop, iPad or eReader;  Complete copy, printed by attendee, of an unsecured electric PDF version of USPAP that the attendee has lawfully acquired.  Reproduction of (the complete) USPAP book from a Sponsoring Organization of The Appraisal Foundation that has received permission to distribute copies to its members (the title page should indicate this copy was reproduced with permission from the Foundation).

UNACCEPTABLE versions of USPAP book:  An illegally reproduced copy; A partial copy;  Logging on to an online viewable version of USPAP book.

Purchasing a USPAP book:  An original spiral-bound USPAP book, or an electronic version of the USPAP book, may be purchased from The Appraisal Foundation.  Order online at www.appraisalfoundation.org – or – call 800-348-2831.  If you need to order the USPAP book, please allow adequate time to receive the book before the class.

100% attendance is required.

Do Not forget your 2020-2021 USPAP book - it is required for the course.

All USPAP Update classes scheduled in 2022 are full. 

  • October 18, 2022 class is full.   Fairfield by Marriott, 17240 Wright Street, Omaha, Nebr.  8:30am – 4:00 pm (1/2 hour lunch)
  • November 9, 2022 class is full.  Best Western, 2201 Wildcat Circle, Lincoln, Nebr.  8:30am – 4:00 pm (1/2 hour lunch)


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 (All 2022 classes are full.)

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Primary Provider: The Appraisal Foundation
Secondary Provider: The Moore Group, Inc.  The Moore Group, Inc. has a licensing agreement 
with The Appraisal Foundation. 

This course is AQB approved.  Approval period: 08/24/21 - 12/31/23. 
The course is approved by the Nebraska Real Property Appraiser Board (NRPAB) for 
seven (7) hours of continuing education.  NRPAB approval#: 2221101.04  
NRPAB approval 2022-2023 USPAP Update

The NRPAB approval of this course is honored by the Nebr. Real Estate Commission 
for Continuing Ed. for sales persons and brokers.  

The NRPAB approval of this course is honored by the Nebr. Dept of Revenue for Continuing Ed. for Assessor re-certification.  

The Iowa Real Estate Appraiser Examining Board (IREAEB) will accept any continuing education
programs approved by the IREAEB, the AQB or another state appraiser board (provided documentation is attached).

Other States: Appraisers wanting CE credit in any state(s) other than Nebraska or Iowa, 
need to check with the state appraiser board(s) in question and inquire if they will honor
the approval of the AQB or the Nebraska Real Property Appraiser (NRPAB) for the Classroom 
CE courses.

This class fulfills the Appraisal Institute continuing education requirement for
"Attending the seven (7) hour National Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal
Practice Course when taught by an instructor certified by the Appraiser Qualifications 
Board of the Appraisal Foundation."
Moore Appraisal Education is owned and operated by The Moore Group, Inc.  The Moore Group, Inc. is authorized to operate by the Nebraska Department of Education under the provisions of Sections 85-1601 – 85-1658.

Feedback from one of our students:


Classes are always top notch and very informative – fun. Thanks so much!


Great instructor! Does a very good job of presenting material and keeping the group focused and involved.